Master and Doctorate in Computer Science

Mestrado e Doutorado


  • 24 months (Master)
  • 48 months (Doctorate)


  • 15 vacancies


The Master’s Program in Computer Science at the Faculty of Computer Science (FACOM) at UFMS was started in 1999. At that time, the program had six Ph.D. professors. The first completed dissertation was defended on August 16, 2002.

Currently, the Master’s Program in Computer Science has 25 Ph.D. professors, of which 24 are in FACOM and one is a collaborating professor from another institution. The current research lines of the program are: Theory of Computation, Information Systems and Graphic Processing, and Computer Systems.

In the Line of Computation Theory researches are developed in the areas of Parallel and Distributed Algorithms, Computational Biology, Computational Geometry, Graph Theory and Combinatorics. In Information Systems and Graphic Processing researches are developed in Software Engineering, Hypermedia and Multimedia, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks and Computer Graphics. In the Computer Systems line, the searches are in Computer Architecture, Computer Networks, Security and Distributed Systems.

The FACOM Master of Science in Computer Science was recommended by CAPES in 2001, two years after its creation. In the most recent evaluation (triennium 2007-2009), CAPES assigned concept 4 to the program.

Academic Tittle:

Master in Computer Science

Doctor of Computer Science


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