FACOM follows the federal government’s new standard digital identity model, which complies with the main accessibility recommendations indicated for the web.

The term accessibility means including the person with disabilities in participating in activities such as the use of products, services and information. Some examples are buildings with wheelchair access ramps and bathrooms adapted for the disabled.

On internet, accessibility mainly refers to the recommendations of the WCAG (World Content Accessibility Guide) of the W3C and in the case of the Brazilian Government to e-MAG (Accessibility Model in Electronic Government). The e-MAG is aligned with international recommendations, but sets standards for accessible behavior for government websites.

At the top of Portal Brasil there is an accessibility bar where you can find standard navigation shortcuts and the option to change the contrast. These tools are available on all portal pages.

The federal government’s shortcut patterns are:

By pressing Alt + 1 on any page of the portal, you get directly to the beginning of the main content of the page.

By pressing Alt + 2 on any portal page, you will get directly to the beginning of the main menu.

By typing Alt + 3 on any page of the portal, you come directly into your inner quest.

In the case of Firefox, instead of Alt + number, simultaneously press Alt + Shift + number.

In Firefox for Mac OS, instead of Alt + Shift + number, simultaneously press Command + Alt + number.

In Opera, the keys are Shift + Escape + number. By typing just Shift + Escape, the user will find a window with all ACCESSKEY alternatives on the page.

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